Tuesday, January 10, 2017

God Is Not A He, She, It Or Thing

God, Spirit, from my experience, is not a he, she, it or thing. God is a vibrational level, a force. God is in everything and everyone. When you believe that you have to go through, be saved by, accept some human representative of God in order to connect with God, you are in the domain of persona/psyche/ego and not in the higher vibratory levels where the purer vibrations of God are vibrating. God has no persona, no psyche or ego. God is a force.

Humans seem to desire personifying God as if God is human, is a male or female. God is not human and has no gender, although God can express vibration as human or anything else God intends.

God is in everything and everyone and it is you, human being, in your human form, with your human attributes who has the opportunity to attune your vibration to the vibration of God.

Man has been doing this attuning for millennia through meditation, chanting, channeling, yoga, breathing, psychotropic drugs, praying, fasting, creating religious rituals, being in nature, going on retreats and on and on.

What this attuning is is simply raising one's vibrational level to match, as best one can, the vibrational level of God. Some call it the process of ascension, or enlightenment, or bliss or nirvana. However you describe it, it is a process of attuning your human vibration to God's vibration. Humans vibrate at a lower level of force than God and it is important to really understand that one must work on gradually raising one's vibratory level, step by step. This is done through clearing one's mind, clearing one's emotions and clearing one's body.

All can do this. There is no special attribute one must have to know God. It is simply attuning and then being in resonance with the vibe of God. That is what is meant by being Spiritual.

This is not a mystery when you see that God is a vibration but it does have a sense of the mystical because you transcend your persona/psyche/ego while still in your body.

Try vibrating with God, it's time you faced what is all around you.

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