Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Base Your Identity On Your Internal Self

In most of the Western world, the state of identifying who and what we are is based on outer conditions and realities rather than our internal Self. This state of identifying ourselves based on physical things, belief systems and conditioning outside ourselves leaves us living on a surface level, never in touch and connected to who we really are: our soul self. This is not our mental capacity or our emotional level, it is that Spiritual part of ourselves called our soul that is mostly ignored or refuted in Western cosmology.

I contend that a more meaningful life is a life of soul realization and then soul connection leading to soul awareness expansion. If you are not living your soul and expanding its awareness, you are living a most confined life based on more superficial understandings that come from outside yourself rather than the deeper realities of the soul found in the depths of your being.

How do you connect with your soul? Connecting with your soul takes effort and patience and begins by taking away distractions and being quiet, going into silence. Allow yourself to simply be with yourself with no thoughts, no emotions, no actions, just sit, relax and be. Your soul will eventually come to you. Your soul may whisper to you with words, images, feelings or a sensation. Sometimes your soul may come to you in more subtle ways. Know that when you are attempting to make contact with it, your soul will always come. When it begins talking with you in whatever way it does, pay attention. You may even want to ask it questions. This communication with your soul takes getting used to and practicing as it is on a Spiritual level and Spirit is not human and does not behave as such.

When you begin to identify with your internal self, your soul, you are finally identifying with who you really are. Identifying with who you really are brings you to your true purpose for being in human format.

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