Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Why I Am Happy

I come to life happy and I know why I live in a state of happiness even though I removed my rose-colored glasses about life a long time ago. While I am idealistic and visionary, I am a happy being and the reason for that is I choose to see the good side in everything. For example, I choose to provide myself with the antidote to grief-laughter! I am not laughing at being alone or in death's face. I am laughing because I experience the joy in being Spritually alive knowing that there is no such thing as death, there is no such thing as being alone or lonely!

I see the good in my existence and in everything and everyone around me because I know how things really are: this human life is a temporary experience that I chose to have with conscious intent. I chose to have the ups and downs of a human life for my own soul growth-the growth of my awareness as it expands from both so-called good and bad experiences I have in human form. I am essentially not human. I am Spirit having a human journey that I willingly chose to have.

With this higher state of consciousness, I see the good side in everything. It is a great perspective, I believe, and I can attest to its value that has helped me deal with many depressing issues in life and still continue to have a joy for living, a happiness that is real, not a fake put on.

I tread the road of the wisdom path which is no easy path. It is the path of the real, the authentic, the now. I commune, I am essentially the ALL THAT IS. I constantly look into the face of God and what it reflects back to me is unconditional Love. The force has been awoken in me. How could I not be happy?

What about you? Again, I ask, what about you?

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