Thursday, September 1, 2016

The 5th Dimension

All this talk about the 5th dimension, what's going on? It's simply that our physical reality is getting an upgrade through the vibrational frequencies that Earth, collective humanity and the consciousness of our Universe have engendered over many years to come into manifestation now. Everything we are is energy that vibrates at different frequencies. We are experiencing an energy upgrade that will affect  our entire civilization and completely change how we operate as human beings on this planet. We are moving out of 3D and into a 5D reality that will still be physical in nature but it will be all about living in complete freedom, oneness, authenticity and unconditional love.

These will not be just conceptual as 3D is now. It will be real and you will have to be living this way or you will be very disturbed being on this new 5D Earth. That level of disturbance will cause you to want to leave as you won't be able to take it if you are not energetically aligned with the new 5D frequencies. When I say leave, I mean you will find a way for your physical vehicle to deteriorate.

Today, put yourself in the mindset of loving unconditionally. Can you do it? This is a very critical question to ask yourself because if you have the slightest hesitation, this new reality will cause you great discomfort and I mean great. If you want to control others or need their approval or judge them, you need to really reevaluate yourself as these states are NOT in line with 5D.

I deliver this message today because these 5D energies are enveloping us very quickly. It behooves you to check yourself to see where you are with complete freedom, oneness, authenticity and unconditional love.

If you are in doubt, begin to move into these frequencies as quickly as possible for your own good. The Earth is changing. Can't you feel and see it? It's obvious to me and that's why I write this.

Take this message as the most important in your life right now as it is important to your survival.

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