Monday, September 5, 2016

I'm Still Loving My Departed Wife

You've heard, I'm sure, the expression that "Love never dies." My experience, when my soul mate and wife, Maureen, died, is that Love remains as the single most important vibration of a relationship that reverberates in the Cosmos infinitely. Love never stops.

 I still have a Love relationship with Maureen as she has not died. She is alive and well in a higher, non-physical dimension where she still vibrates the Love we had in our physical Union as well as my vibrating that Love in the physical plane while I'm vibrating that love as well in the higher dimension in which I'm also in. The vibration of Love is a higher frequency vibration that humans and many sentient beings are able to carry while in a physical body even though Love is extraterrestrial.

Love is not an emotion. It is a Force which we can feel. That force has no end date. When you are in the force of Love, you are in the most powerful force known to the Cosmos that has no borders on Earth, this Solar System, the Galaxy or this Universe. Love is Omniversal, it is Cosmic.

When you Love, it is felt in every corner of the Cosmos. Do yo understand the implications of this? My Love for and with Maureen was so intense that it changed the structure of the Cosmos. Our strong Love vibrations were felt and are still being felt everywhere and it affects everything.

This Love that you have for your soul mate continues to affect your children and your children's children for they are born out of this Love for generations to come. It never stops. That's why this Love is so important.

I'm still Loving Maureen and I feel the reverberations of this Love in my soul. Our Love has no end date.

You, reading this, have been affected by this Love.

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