Monday, September 19, 2016

"Be, Do, Have"

A most profound and ancient formula for an abundant, happy life is "be, do, have." Unfortunately, especially in western countries, the belief system is reverse to "have, do, be" and leaves many psychotics in its wake. What is this saying? It is proposing that many on this planet are engaged in accumulating to help define who they are. For example, having a nice, expensive car means you're a better human, that who you are is attached to the prestige of this high priced car, when, really, you are an empty suit. I call it fake happiness.

Being rich and materialistic is great and I have all I need. I do not clamor to have more than I need but there are times I can use more money for the completion of certain projects. I am already being and that being propels me into doing meaningful things to always bring me to have what I need and desire. I do not reach after having as my first inclination. I first become that which I am. If I desire to have Love in my life, I become a Loving being of myself and others. I do not go looking to have Love. I am Love first and I give of that Love, freely. Then, magically, I have the Love of my life in my life. I give to get, not get to give. My impulse is to give first. No matter the circumstance, give first. You cannot be depleted.

If you desire ultimate success in any endeavor, give first. Be first. Do not look to have everything first. Be the thing that you are looking to be. Just be it first even if it's rudimentary at first. Feel the feeling of being something, believe it and your subconscious mind will propel you into the doing, the action to have that which you desire. You cannot get something for nothing. You must be, then do and you will have.

Many ignore this wisdom and end up depressed, unhappy, saddened, apathetic and bored. What kind of life is that? Be that which calls to you in a positive way and your wishes will be fulfilled even if being that is in your imagination at first.

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