Wednesday, August 17, 2016

You Misunderstand Money

There is a great misunderstanding, a great false belief system around money that prevents most people from having it. Here is the false belief that most have around money: "money is the root of all evil." No it's not. Money is neither good nor bad. Money itself holds no morality, money just is. It is an energy tool of exchange. You do not have to hold that you are not Spiritual when you have money. Being broke is NOT Spiritual.

My suggestion is to stop fooling yourself with this false money belief  that having money is bad and realize that having money makes life easier. Having money makes life easier as in it greases the wheels of life and that's all!!! This money exchange idea is the construct we have set up in this matrix for bartering and there is no reason, no reason at all that you shouldn't have as much of it as you desire. You need to cognize this belief, you need to cement in the belief that money holds no charge, it is just a tool and you are allowed to have as much of it as you so desire.

All the negativity around money comes from the negative intent of people as in those that use it with malfeasance. We can see, all over the world, the use of money to harm and I need not exemplify but I will give you a hint: look at the use of money to put many in debt as a form of enslavement. Look at the greed in the world as the manifestation of the 3D matrix negative intent at grandiosity. Greed is simply craving more and more money with no care about how you get it, who you step on, who you starve, who you put in debt.

Amassing money is not about inflating the egos of a few or putting many into indebtedness while only a few reap great wealth. That is misusing money since it causes the ruination, starvation, unhappiness and destruction of many around the world. This false construct is coming to an end.

Do not allow yourself to be sucked into the negative use of money. Know that you deserve all the money you desire and it is not bad to have it. What's bad is how you could use it to harm and that's not what money is is only a medium of exchange. Don't misunderstand that.

Now, stop fooling yourself and go get positively rich!

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