Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Why You Are Resented

Leaders, taste makers, icons and the like are many times resented by the public they serve. Why is this? From my own experience with behaving this way, I perceive the public's resentment of its leaders is due to their leaders not being watchful about being blunt, outspoken, stubborn, dogmatic and domineering even though, at times, this behavior may be needed for that moment. What the mistake these leaders make is they forget to use wisdom as well as being true to their inner self.

There is a time for some bluntness, being outspoken, stubborn, dogmatic and domineering as a leader but not every time you open your mouth. These qualities, to be most effective, must be used sparingly as most of the populace resents these qualities being foisted upon them. It doesn't matter the level of the arena. From the world, national, regional and local level, no one really likes being bullied and I mean no one. You can argue for the bully but history proves me correct in stating that leaders who are bullies are removed. Period.

It is time for the populace to get wise to this and reject the bully. It is time for the populace to choose those who will lead them, on whatever level, who are people of expanded horizons, who engender hope and encouragement and who are a stabilizing influence, not a polarizing one.

Why people resent the domineering is because it is not inclusive. People simply don't respond best to bossy people even if they are the boss. There is a difference between a person who is a leader and statesman versus a manager and politician. The leader, by his presence, by his works and demeanor fills you with real hope. The manager just promises you hope.

The way to people's hearts is to avoid being dogmatic and domineering. If entreat people with too much bluntness, if you're too outspoken, you will be resented. It's human nature to feel this way and must be understood by the real leader, the real ambassador, the real diplomat.

Real strength in a leader is not bluster, bombast, threats, empty promises. Real leadership, on any level, is the ability to make people feel better about themselves. Are you that leader because it starts with you.

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