Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Where The Spirit Does Not Work With The Hand, There Is No Art"

The greatest secret in a piece of great art, to me, is the artist's connection with her soul, her Spirit and being about communicating that through the work of art no matter what type of art it is. For me, I enjoy art that is what I call "transcendental," that is, any art form that raises my soul's vibration, leaves me changed for the better and renews my Spirit, uplifting me and taking me out of the ordinary.

I believe that life is an art form as well and we humans are artists that can create a life that moves beyond the ordinary when we live life more soulfully, when we live with the divine intent built into us and consciously allow that divine aspect to connect us to all we encounter and everything we do. We see the more mystical aspects of life, we see life as an art form itself. We raise our vibration so that our words, thoughts and deeds are connected to our soul and not just mundane, without feeling, thought or heart.

Most humans live mindlessly with no sense of a connection to their souls. To them, life is not an art, it's a grind. They refuse to connect with their Spiritual nature and live empty lives, devoid of anything transcendental. All you have to do is look around and see the emptiness of the matrix in a society that worships materialism, technology, money, physicality, wealth, youth, war, bigotry, murder, hate, prestige, greed, gluttony and more. Where is any sense of Spirit in this mindset? I believe there is more to life than just unconsciously living a life with no meaning.

There is no balance in being so one-sided toward all that is superficial. It is high time to see life for what it is: an artful masterpiece in which we take part and co-create in. It's fine to live in a sensory world and enjoy the sensual but not at the cost of the soul, the Spiritual. Creating an artful life is about creating a balance between the sensual and the soulful. It is living in a body and being connected to your soul and thinking, feeling, and doing on a deeper level so that you enjoy the fruits of Spirit and not just the fruits of the flesh which will leave you empty, grasping always for more physical pleasure from more money to more food, more luxury to more addictions.

Enjoy your physical nature but also realize your true nature, your Spirit and you will find that realization is true artistry.

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