Sunday, August 7, 2016

When You Hold Back My Success, You Hold Back Your Own

I see many demeaning the success of others. We have labeled these the haters. These haters are unwittingly hating themselves for they carry the feeling of hate for another within themselves and this hate prevents their own success. When you block the happiness, success, abundance and flow of another, you are blocking it for yourself for you have created in yourself a vibrational match, an alignment with hate, with lack of success.

People of the hate vibration do this because they are simply misguided and unaware. They believe they are doing the right thing because they believe the other does not deserve the good or they are envious and jealous of the good the other is striving for. This mindset is a mistake in that this negative feeling in yourself is poisoning you! Really, the laugh, the joke's on you for the very thing you're wishing on another has befallen you.

The answer to this unfortunate state of hate in yourself is to divest this feeling you have for another by living in loving detachment. Whatever you believe is your experience and that is your reality. When you live downgrading others, you, in some way, will live, will attract people, circumstances, opportunities and experiences that will devolve you further. If you want to live at the level of consciousness of slime, keep devolving by keeping on your hating, you'll get there.

You may think that by all your hate of me that you are holding me back. Here's a surprise answer for your misguided thinking: I live in loving detachment so I don't care what you think of me. If you try to hold back my success in any way, I will simply seek those who wish to ensure my success. I will move out of your sphere of influence. You cannot touch me.

My success and happiness does not depend on another for I don't find happiness and success through another. I bring my happiness with me to my experiences and I am already a success and you already know that!

This is law.

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