Saturday, August 13, 2016

When You Are Spirtual, You're Still Human

When you are a Spiritual person, that is, you practice meditation, live in loving detachment and practic loving kindness, practice compassion, you have connection with Spirit and this is natural as you are aware but you are still in human form and as such, it is in being an imperfect human that, I believe, we find the greatest Spirituality. I did not come here to have a perfect experience, I came here to learn.

To me, it is not the grandiose Spiritual ideas that really make us more Spiritual, it is in the little, mundane things of life that hold the greatest Spiritual realizations. What things are those? Waking up with a smile on your face, being happy to have the gift of life, enjoying a simple prayer upon waking, having a moderate breakfast to enjoy, having lunch with a friend, cleaning your house with joy, hugging your animal friend if you have one, taking a beautiful walk, smiling at a stranger, doing the laundry, feeling the sadness of loss in your life. These and the many gifts I enjoy every day, I am mindful of enjoying, experiencing. These, to me, are how I become deeper in Spirit, for the little things in my life are what my soul longs for in experiencing to expand its awareness.

I have many great and deep Spiritual revelations and realizations every day but I am not having those all day long. What I have all day is the small, living experiences that I see are expressions of the Creative Force that I am a part of and this makes me feel that I am one with it. I am in unity consciousness.

My humanness is my Spiritualness. There is no separation between Spiritual and Human. I am Spirit having a human experience. I am an interface complex that is able to commune with nature so that I can report back to my Spirit, interpret to my Spirit, this natural happening. For this awareness, Spirit loves me and it shows me it's love.

I am always Spirit but I am not always human.

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