Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What Is Your Mental Aspect For?

Why do humans have a mental aspect, what is it for, ultimately? Looking at how my mental aspect has assisted me in this plane of reality, I have discovered that I need my mental aspect of myself to act as an intermediary between my soul and my body. It acts as an interface between Spirit (my soul) and nature (my body) so that I can assist my soul in  the cognizing of this natural, physical experience in order for my soul to find meaning, to realize it's freedom, thus expand its awareness in this plane of 3D physical reality.

My mental aspect is therefore a very needed and important part of being human. I have found it to be my great motivator in keeping me curious about life and the life I'm living. So, why do most people disrespect this very important attribute of their make-up as humans? Why don't more humans use this mental aspect within them with more purpose?

Answer: they have been conditioned to take it for granted, they have lost it as a power and they ignore it! This is to their own detriment as there are those who are using their mental powers to realize and use it for its intermediary purposes and not all of them are beneficent. Many are using the mental aspect to control others in a negative way. A good example is the idea of keeping people in debt. Indebtedness is a fake mental construct that you have been convinced is good for you through your mental aspect of belief. You have been made to believe that enslavement to debt is a life-long proposition. It is not. It is a fake. You are not meant to be in debt. You have allowed your mental aspect to be convinced that debt is just. It is an evil. The truth is, you are a free being. Use your mental aspect to cognize this and cement in that belief.

You must now use your mental aspect to see that debt is not true in nature along with many other limiting belief systems that you have agreed to, accepted as true and real when they are not. That's why a strong, clear and questioning mental aspect is not only necessary but vital to human happiness and peace.

Use your mental aspect to help you have a deeper and more meaningful life and don't allow others' mental constructs to enslave you!!!

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