Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stop Labeling Humans

Humans are not products that you can label like a can of peaches. When you label people, gay, straight, man, woman, Jew, Hindu, Christian, black, Asian, you are putting them in a box in your mind from which you do not allow them to escape. You have diminished the collective experience of humanity into a unfortunate, misguided and narrowly defined categorization that diminishes the humanity inherent in everyone. You do the same thing with animals and other sentient beings: you label and dismiss.

This is a sickness in humanity that their's is the propensity to label humans like they are packaging them and putting them on a shelf. It is the highest form of self-importance and judgement used only to separate people from each other.

This day is the day the world changes forever as it is the day that you will begin seeing other humans as people, not labels. Do not see black or white. See a soul just like yours, here to grow and contribute. Instead of fearing people's differences, celebrate them. Instead of your continuing enslavement of people, free them. Instead of your continuing intolerance of people, unconditionally love them. I am not talking about being politically correct. I am talking about living label-free.

Live free of these damaging labels that you have used to separate, demean, hate, and imprison people. Break out of the bonds of this confining matrix that you are in and see the world in a new light of love, compassion, kindness, peace, happiness, tolerance, equality, Liberty and justice.

It is time for this change, it is happening now. Don't be left behind. Stop labeling, stop judging. Instead, encourage, promote, love, care, be kind, live free of hate toward your fellow human.

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