Thursday, August 18, 2016

Soul Correction

Many ask the question, why do we incarnate? What is the meaning of life? I have a part of the answer as I experienced in this life. First, we must address what a soul correction is. A soul correction is a lesson that our soul needs to experience and therefore, learn to correct its course in expanding its awareness of itself. In order to do this, it must re-identify with itself as soul while in body and not see itself only in terms of ego while physical.

Here is a real life example of a soul correction of someone very close to me. This person was on a course, in this life, to be all about herself. To her ego, the world revolved around her but unbeknownst to her ego, her soul came back into form this time around to correct this selfish course of her existence to realize that it was not always all about her. She had to learn to share the stage. It was about learning to be in service to others while also loving yourself. She made this soul correction and practiced being in service to others.

In my own soul correction experience, I had to learn that my ultra-Sensitive empathic nature was not a weakness. For most of my life, I thought that my sensitivity was a sign that I was immature. I had to make a soul correction that my empathic nature was a great strength and a great power. I can tell you that it was not easy but I made this correction and I went into my Light body as a result. I am now a 5th dimensional being and beyond.

These were the dominant themes of our lives. She had found her purpose and she lived it with all of those who were in her sphere of influence. I learned to accept my sensitivity as a power.

We are all here to make a soul correction of some kind otherwise you would not incarnate as a human being. The only reason we come to this sandbox is to play out the soul correction we are ready to make in a particular lifetime. Making a soul correction is not easy as we must listen to our soul to make it. We must learn that our egos are only an interface for our Spirit to experience the physical Universe and learn from the experience with a sense of grace and fun. We must stop over-identifying with our egos!!!!

If you are still struggling to find your purpose, look at those lessons in your life that you keep experiencing over and over again. Your soul is trying to tell you something. Listen!

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