Friday, August 19, 2016


I always seek self-counsel and I call it, discernment. It's a great tool for navigating the ups and downs of life. What about seeking the counsel of others, you ask? Of course, I seek the wise counsel of a select few and I rely most heavily on my gut instinct, my intuition which I have sharpened through practice. I trust that my Higher Self that I am in connection with will help to guide me in the right direction and it always does. I also seek counsel from my titanic, cosmic, shamanic soul and it proves very accurate.

What does all this self-counsel mean and why is it important to seek your own counsel?  The meaning of self-counsel is really the essence of being true to yourself by first knowing yourself, knowing what you really think and feel and not the thoughts, feelings, beliefs of your societal conditioning. It means you are authentic because you rely mostly on the intuitive side of your nature as calalyzed by your higher reason. You balance your intellect with your intuition. The importance of this is that no one can own your being true to yourself since it is your Higher Self that is propelling you forward. You are as real as can be and you see through the ill conceived misperceptions of the lower ego. Again, the importance of this is that you stand above the fray, not in judgement but in knowing what you truly are about. In this way, you cannot be touched.

Yes, people may not like your truth at times mostly because they are not ready to hear it. They best advice you can give to these people is to guide them to go within to seek their own counsel, to block out the voices that have conditioned them with nonsense and go to their essence. Their essence will guide them correctly.

Now, understand, that this is a practice and it takes time getting used to hearing and listening to your own still voice within.

You must practice. That voice within is there. It never lies, it never directs you to harm self or other. It gives you the wisest self counsel. Trust it.

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