Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Relinquish These Needs

Humans keep these needs tightly knit to their persona/psyche/ego and they are the cause of much suffering for them. May I encourage you to relinquish your need to CONTROL, the need to be APPROVED and the need to JUDGE.

I have to admit that these are very powerful urges in human beings and are not easy to relinquish but in order for you to ultimately find true happiness, you must indeed relinquish these needs you find so delicious.

Other than blocking your happiness, these needs are what blind you to the ultimate truth that they imprison you in a false belief construct because you really can't control what is other than you, you cannot seek approval from another without giving up your personal power and when you judge, you are judged. When you let these needs rule you, you are saying that you refuse to take responsibility for your actions, you refuse to master your physical and mental aspects. When you master your physical and mental aspects, you allow your true Spiritual Self to gain more purchase in your life and you become free. Your soul will open up to you and you will see the real meaning of life which is to expand your awareness in this physical matrix by taking on a role called a persona/psyche/ego.

You are not the role. The role is a tool for you to expand your awareness. Who you truly are is beyond control, approval and judging.

Take the time now to look at these needs within yourself and begin the process of letting them go, releasing them, relinquishing them. They do you no good.

Instead of the above needs, be compassionate action, be unconditional love, be peace now. These are what are truly needed for this time.

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