Friday, August 12, 2016

No Such Thing As Being "There"

I have found that there is no such thing as being "there," because in life you always have more to work on since humans are not designed to be perfect! Accepting that being human is a work-in-progress state that allows you to fulfill ever greater potentials is a most exciting proposition in that I can always know more, I can never know everything. That is not a call for existential angst where you believe there is no real purpose for being alive. Life then, is not a destination, it is a process of becoming. Humans are a becoming!!!

We humans incarnate to work on different facets of our potential and thinking that you do not have a purpose, that you are not talented and have nothing to offer life is THE biggest misconception humans have about life. All humans are a unique singularity that is the message itself. YOU, YOUR VERY LIFE, YOUR WHOLE EXISTENCE IS THE MESSAGE. When you stand before me, I feel your uniqueness as just you. You have nothing to "prove" to me because you ARE! Your "job" in your human incarnation is to become the best version of who you are, to be open to learning about life for the expansion of your soul's awareness! Your human complex is an interface that your Spirit creates for you to be able to be in and communicate with nature so that your Spirit can experience nature, creation.

There is always more to learn about nature. Life is a never ending continuum of learning. When you meet people who behave as if they know everything and don't need to learn anything else, you have met a human who is not yet really aware of what life is about. Perhaps your job is is let that person know that there is ALWAYS more to know and learn, ALWAYS. It's a continuum!

To me, being "there" is just being at a certain level and I have the awareness to know that there are many levels to explore, I always have more work to do on myself. Humans are a Spiritual Magellen, exploring the world and discovering new worlds, both inner and outer, where no one has dared go before...that is the true "there."

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