Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mean What You Say, Say What You Mean, Don't Obfuscate

It doesn't matter who you are in life and what station you are at in life to follow this most important credo, in my way of being: mean what you say and say what you mean, don't obfuscate, that is don't try to purposely confuse or bewilder me with what you say. Speech that obfuscates only leads to more suffering because it opens the way to misunderstanding, misinterpretation and misrepresentation.

I encourage all to speak with honesty, integrity, clarity and truth in every interaction you have, no matter what level of society you are at. Of course, I believe in being tactful and diplomatic and there is a time for speaking certain truths that may be hurtful. The art of getting across painful information and ideas is a most desired trait that can be of benefit to anyone. When speech, powerful words and ideas are used wisely, they sow seeds of inspiration, they provoke positive thought and action, they heal psychic wounds.

We need, at this time, to remember that words are powerful tools to get across ideas and these words carry powerful vibrations and powerful energy. We have all experienced when we knew our words either hurt or healed others. We have all been our own unwitting victims of words that have been misinterpreted. It is time to end this refusal to see the power of our words.

In this present time, it is important to recognize that we have much information in our words but not much wisdom. Words are being tossed about with abandon with no care about their consequences on other's lives, their feelings, their actions.

When you see and hear words that are negative, those are energies of the lowest echelon of existence of the eat or be eaten crowd. This is the level of the reptilian brain that seeks only survival at all costs.

I encourage all to speak with equanimity, with courage and with integrity to speak words that express exactly what you mean, meaning what you say, not with the intention to obfuscate but with the intention to clarify.

I want to know your clear and true meaning of what you're saying because that helps me to know, which leads to my true understanding, which leads to true enlightenment.

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