Monday, August 29, 2016

Life's Greatest Rewards Come From Facing Your Fears

Every human will at some time during their life face their fears. This is inevitable because we come to life, we sign up for this human experience to do exactly that, face our fears and overcome them. However, it seems we humans are extremely fear averse when it should be the opposite. Well, of course we are because they can be scary, debilitating and often daunting to face.

What can we humans do to face our fears and learn from them so that we can realize the inherent lessons in them and grow our awareness? We must first, I have found, see fear in a different way. We must develop the courage to see fear as our friend and not as our enemy.

Fears are often simply the way we perceive the thing that makes us fear and there really is nothing fearful in the thing we are most afraid of. Take the fear of public speaking. I had been speaking publicly for many years but I still had palpitations, forgetfulness and cotton-mouth when I made prepared speeches. When I looked into this, I discovered that underneath my overall fear were specific fears that I was not aware of: fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of looking foolish, fear of loss. Then I delved deeper and began to see that the audiences I was speaking to we're excited to hear what I had to say, we're rooting for me to succeed, not fail. When I saw that it wasn't the audience that was a threat, I realized it was my own preoccupation with myself that caused me to play unconscious mind games with myself. Mind games that made me believe that the audience was a sort of enemy. What came to me was that they were there FOR me and the message I had was for THEM. It wasn't about ME standing up in front of them. It was about leaving them with a message so my perception went from self-preoccupation to concentrating on making sure the audience got my message. I completely lost my fears.

I took the time to look into my fears and I overcame them when I saw the fallacy of what was causing my fears. This was, for me, an example of the importance of facing my fears to increase the quality of my life for the better. I have done this with many, many fears in my life and have allowed my inner courage to come to the fore.

I have learned that life is for facing fears, not for avoiding them. I encourage you to see your fears with a new perception, the perception that they are your friends, not your enemies, for in conquering your fears you have conquered life.

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