Saturday, August 20, 2016

Life Is A Blank Medicine Shield

In Native American cosmology, a blank medicine shield is a blank canvas on which we are reminded that WE create our lives with our intent. WE write on this shield, no one else. It is blank for a reason, it is a tabula rasa, a clean slate. Every human is given this opportunity! We are born to experience our destiny in the way we see fit. We are going to get there but how is the question. The how is up to us.

However, Humans have a problem with this blank medicine shield because it means that THEY are responsible for their actions, not another. It means that there is no savior who's going to bail them out. They are responsible for what they create in life. It is an awesome responsibility that many seem to retreat from. Why do humans shrink from free will? Humans abhor free will because they have been conditioned to believe that their acts don't count here. They have been led to believe good acts here are only to get your ticket punched to get you into heaven and your bad acts send you to hell. Sheer nonsense. Get rid of this false debilitating belief for it is ONLY YOU WITH YOUR FREE WILL THAT CREATES THE WAY YOU LIVE. Yes, there is divine will and it is a connection you have with the divine in understanding "not my will but thy will be done,"meaning that you are allowing of Spirit to be your guiding star with your own guidance from your soul as well. It's called co-creation of which you are a part, CO-CREATION IN WHICH YOU HAVE A STAKE!!!

Don't ever give up your power of free will to write on your blank canvas of life. Don't ever let another disempower you. No one controls you but you. Yes, believe in God, follow Spirit but don't forget to tie the camel to the post!!!!

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