Monday, August 8, 2016

I Am In Divine Guidance

I am in divine guidance. I am always at the right place at the right time. Everything I do is orchestrated for my higher growth, my higher consciousness and my higher evolution. I do not see this as outside myself as in some savior in the sky somewhere is going to come down and save me. No, I don't have to live accepting some savior. The divine guidance is inside me, a part of me as made by the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence. I am the divine guidance I am relating to and I see it also in the wind, the rain, the trees, every blade of grass and in every sentient being.

I pay attention to everything in and around me for it divinely guides me in the right direction always. I am not waiting for anything as in some second coming. I am the second coming. I do not depend on a written manual or sacred text for divine guidance. I am empowered just as I am and I do not need to be brainwashed into believing that someone else holds the power and I am nothing.

I am the Light, I am the Way, I am the divine in flesh seeking to know itself right here and now. I don't have to go to heaven for I am already there.

This is the truth of every human. It is not your truth because you have allowed a bunch of dogmatists to fool you into believing falsehoods. The main falsehood that you are NOT naturally divinely guided. You ARE a piece of divinity. Once you are aligned with who you really are, you will cast off the silly notions inculcated into you by the ruling elite called the church, mosque or temple.

It is time to return to your original happiness and that happiness is that you and the divine are inherently one. You are divinely guided. All you have to do is listen.

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