Monday, August 22, 2016

How It Feels Not To Be Human

I am not human. Yeah, go ahead and laugh and say who is this guy who says he's not human, some kind of hippie wacko? To you, the unaware, I may be strange and that is how most humans have treated me because of my behavior and being since my arrival here, like a stranger in a strange land. I must say, that there were a tiny, tiny minority of you humans who tried to understand me and for you I am thankful. Bless you.

I perceive that the reason that most humans reject my extraterrestrial awareness and being is that it is so antithetical to your way of life and you have not a clue what it feels like to not be human, to not share your values, your mores, your beliefs, your odd behavior.

Here is how it feels to not be human:

Where I come from we do not have:

1. Murder. We don't kill others or for that matter anything. Kill is odd to us. We don't kill. Period.

2. We do not make war, for any reason.

3. We do not waste, not even energy.

4. We do not hate.

5. Love is the main guiding force of our being. We practice forgiveness, always.

5. We don't have money and do not worship mammon. Everyone has what they need, has enough so there is no greed, no gluttony where I come from.

6. We are wisdom keepers. We revere those with great wisdom.

7. We do not die and our loved ones do not die. We are together until we decide not to be.

8. We live harmoniously.

9. Our words are things that have tremendous power. We use words with great intent and sparingly. We say only the truth. We cannot lie.

10. Life for us is a playground.

11. We connect with others on a soul level.

12. We are happy to be God, we are happy to be of the high heart, we are happy to be multidimensional. We are a happy race.

There is much more to us but these are the basic twelve that makes me so different from you humans. Yes, I have to take on human form to be amongst you but just because I am in your world does not mean I am of your world.

You can just imagine what it was like for me to be with you. Yet, I have come to see all the positives about you. You are a great race with much potential. Work on that.

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