Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Everything Is Energy

Everything is energy based, including humans. All that exists vibrates at a certain frequency including what is physical in nature, ideas, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, consciousness, awareness, soul and Spirit...all vibrating at various levels of a reality.

To see your life, your existence from an energy perspective helps you to see the levels that everything is vibrating from and gives you the option to vibrate there or not. For example, lying is a very low energy vibration. If you lie, you are holding yourself at a very low level of energy and this level keeps you locked into that very level, as in, you are living a lie. Your existence is untrue and you attract to you the same kind of untrue energies. Like attracts like. Live by the sword, die by the sword. It's such a simple concept to know, to see, to be a certain energy, yet most ignore this most important reality.

If you want better in your life, change your energy. If you lie, move your energy up to truth telling. This is not about morality. This is about the fact that truth vibrates higher than lying. When you lie, you block the flow of higher energy being attracted to you. When you are truthful, your energy flows better. This energy reality is true with everything from your thoughts and people you surround yourself with to your behavior and what you put on the walls of your home., the food you eat, the music you listen to. The Chinese call it Feng Shui, the Hindus call it Chi. It is the awareness that the level of, the kind of energy you put out is very important to how you will live since everything contains Chi. You can block Chi or help it to flow. It's your choice. I choose to be in the flow of life.

You can't escape Chi, for you are it. The good news is you can manipulate your Chi and the Chi of your environment for the better or worse. This is ancient wisdom that can easily be applied to today for a much better life. To know your Chi, look at your life and all that is in it!

What is your Chi? Discover this today, you will be happier, for you will know what direction to go in.

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