Sunday, August 14, 2016

Embodied Enlightenment

I have come to see that I am on this Wisdom Path to embody my enlightenment, not just to conceptualize or intellectualize some abstraction. I know now that I bring the new 5th dimensional energies to Earth, being an ultra-Sensitive Blue ray empath of love, wisdom and healing and in doing so, I have chosen to face myself. I have always been 5 D but I just didn't realize the scope of it until now.

What this means is that I am willing to move out of the 3rd and 4th dimensional matrix into the 5th dimensional matrix. It is important to understand what is happening to me as I move into the 5th dimension. In the 5th dimension, I am resonating within an operating system of the now time reality of the ONE (Creative Source Infinite Intelligence) that is, I no longer am in time and space. I am in my Light body. Those of you still locked in 3 and 4 D can still see me but all you see is my 3 and 4 D matrix human form. You do not see or you refuse to see my Light body. Right now, even though I have been in this consciousness all my life, I am now completely in the resonance of the fifth dimension which is the resonance of purity and innocence. I function from my higher heart and from a multidimensional platform. From this reality, I express unconditional love where inner trust and unity consciousness are natural to me and constant. This has not been so easy since I have to be with 3 D matrix beings all the time who are unwilling to allow themselves any room to get with the new program. I have tried to understand the feeling of being with 3 D humans and the only feeling I have come up with is disconcerted, that is, I feel flustered at times being around conditional beings although the practice of loving detachment helps.

In my experience, I was fully and literally "thrown" into my Light Body right after my wife's, my soul mate's traumatic death in 2012. I have had these ensuing years to adjust to the sensations of being more in my Light body and I am at the doorway to full entry. I see the door. I am walking through it. This is a conscious decision.

This, I am afraid is not going to be for everyone as it takes a deep willingness to move out of the 3 and 4 D matrix and move into a new reality. Be aware that this is happening to many on a world-wide scale and there is nothing you can do about it. You are either going to allow your move into your Light body or stay in the matrix. Your choice.

May I encourage you to embody your enlightenment and move into the fifth dimension of now time, unconditional love, unity and trust. Otherwise, you're not going to feel so good.

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