Monday, August 1, 2016

Anything Or Anyone That Takes You Away From Peace Is A Gross Distraction

If you are angry, upset, intolerant, hateful, prejudiced, bigoted, conditionally loving, congratulations...YOU HAVE BEEN DISTRACTED!!!!!! You might ask, what am I distracted from? When you project the negative energies above, you are distracted from the truth of why you are living, why you are here in a physical body: to be the truth, which is Spirit, experiencing both your Light and Shadow sides in human form so that you may learn from both and learn how to balance both within yourself. If you are not in balance and are always on Facebook and are mad at the political posts, guess what, you are distracted from your are living a lie, so welcome to the zombie apocalypse!!!

When you are distracted, you have allowed negative energies to use you, to own you and pull you away from being peace, being love, being kindness, being compassion. When you are distracted and out of balance, you have allowed your soul to be manipulated by darkness and you are not even in a conscious state of being. That's what any distraction does, it takes you away from being a centered human being, from being mindful. You begin, when distracted, to do mindless things where you'll do and believe just about anything in order to create in and around you a negative polarity.

A negative polarity attracts negative people, opportunities, circumstances and event to you. Is this how you want to live? Suffering in a negative state of being, always unhappy?

Here is my prescription for your return to balance: stop consuming too much news in any form whether TV, newspapers, magazines or on-line. Start releasing your negativity by doing deep breathing, meditation, reading positive affirmations, connecting with your soul and Spirit. Start to see the world as peace, love, kindness and not deprivation no matter how hard it is to turn your distracted mind around and it will be hard.

You created this world you're living in. Now, go re-create it to peace, love, happiness and abundance not by getting more stuff but by changing your distracted, negative self.

Distraction is a ploy of the darkness, of the shadow side to keep you off balance. Refuse to be fooled!!!!

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