Friday, August 5, 2016

Ancient Aliens Were People Like Me

The Ancient Aliens TV show is talking about "non-humans" who mostly came to planet Earth for millennia to assist humanity in many ways. On rare occasions, some of these extraterrestrials exposed themselves and their ships as they really looked. We have documentation of this from thousands of years ago painted on caves around the world and written on many tablets from many civilizations we helped to build.

Many of these so-called aliens were not from planets or civilizations that were physical as we know of Earth. Like me, they were from "realms', "dimensions," where their natural state is not physical. For example, my natural state of existence is not a physical one but a metaphysical one. I exist, in my natural state, as a Light Being considered "extraterrestrial" by humans. In order to help the Earth and humanity at this time, I had to come into human form, to be among you, to help you raise your vibration from murder and killing to love and peace. I have and still am doing this simply by being present on your planet in physical, human form.

I have had to take on an extremely dense vibrational form being human and this has been difficult but I am experienced at this as I do this all over the Cosmos. Believe me when I tell you that my preference is to be free of the constraints of a physical body and if you have ever experienced the difference in terms of feeling what a higher vibration is while still in your body, you would completely understand what I'm talking about.

You have the wrong idea about Ancient Aliens. We are not aliens out to control humanity, to hurt humanity, to steal you away for testing, to destroy the planet. This is all nonsense. We are here among you to assist your Spiritual maturation so that you can join us in our Galactic Federation of peace. You may laugh and think this is Star Trek fantasy. Be aware that both Star Trek and Star Wars very closely parallels the truth of what has happened in your galaxy and beyond.

Remember, as you read these words in this blog, you are reading the truths of a Star Being, a true Ancient Alien. Thank you for giving me a home on this most blessed planet. I am in service to humanity, to Gaia and beyond.

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