Thursday, July 14, 2016

You Are A Synchronicity!

People all over the world are becoming more familiar with the concept of synchronicity because they are experiencing it. They are beginning to believe that there is no such thing as "coincidences" and that their Spirit is at work in creating non-linear experiences that happen through them and because of them. In that sense, they are synchronicity. They, themselves, create the unexplainable occurances that they once thought of as mere coincidences or just their imagination to help explain away the unexplainable ways of Spirit, the Spirit that they are.

There is a great realization here as people recognize that they are a synchronicity. When they think about getting a parking space at a crowded mall and when they arrive there is a parking space in a convenient location, they used to think, parking angels! Now, they think again and know they are doing this! It's them creating this synchronicity. Synchronicity is you aligning with what you are: Spirit.

Synchronicity is the true nature of how our reality works. Our reality is not a random, chaotic mess as most people are misguided into thinking. It may seem chaotic to those who refuse to see that they have a part in the creation of their reality and are not at the whim of some God, some devil, some evil group, etc., that the major religions inculcate into their flock. This common belief that you are a victim of circumstance, that you are a puppet on a string is the true misguided belief system that everyone seems to believe. Yet, YOU create your reality. YOU are the synchronicity you have been trying to understand, been waiting for to make sense of, YOU!!!

You are a creator in human form and you have the power to make things happen. You can make anything happen. You are a synchronicity not a coincidence!!!!!!!!!!

Don't chalk this off to the musings of the Light and Love crowd. This is the real state of affairs and you have an obligation to yourself to see and know that this is very real.

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