Friday, July 29, 2016

What You Believe Is Your Level of Physical Reality

You belief systems create the level of the physical reality you live in. Your beliefs are what you are and what you are you attract. If you are unhappy in your life, look within at your beliefs. Your beliefs are simply thought construct agreements that you made with yourself. They are thoughts that you ingrained in yourself by agreement and behavior. If you want to change your life for the better, change your beliefs for the better. Look at your beliefs as they are you and what you experience.

Here is an example of a belief system that I follow and that has made all the difference in bringing many great blessings, miracles, abundance, happiness and joy into my life:

"I believe I am God. I trust myself as a Creator being. I am one with my Creations. I am aligned with the infinite; therefore, everything is available to me. Instant manifestation is safe. Instant manifestation is safe and governed by the laws of divine and cosmic balance. Anything is possible. I can be, do, have all that I imagine. I am a spark of the divine, a cohesive energy pattern drawing me to the perfect opportunities, circumstances, places, conditions and people. My soul is joy."

I live the above beliefs every day. My physical reality is one in which I am healthy, abundant, sustained, happy, joyful, caring, kind, peaceful, generous and compassionate. This is real and not just words in a blog. I really live this way because my beliefs are vibrating at a high level. Please understand that this does not make me infallible as I am in human form but it does keep my existence at a higher level of causation where miracles exist like rain from the heavens. When miracles happen in my life, I smile with gratitude.

Try repeating, then believing and ultimately living the above, quoted belief system for 21 days and watch the miracles enter your life if you dare. This that I am giving you here is a serious game changer.

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