Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What Does It Really Mean To Connect With Someone On A Soul Level?

All my life I have found myself connecting to people and nature on a soul level, not really understanding what it was I was doing or experiencing. Of course, I felt the soul level connection but I did not analyze what was going on. So, my question to myself became, "What is really happening when I connect to people and nature on a soul level?"

Please understand that I am giving you my perception to the above question from experience only. This is not from a sacred text or book or guru of any kind. This is just me. 

This is what I have come to see about soul level connection: I interpret, that is, perceive the physical and non-physical world, through the lens of my Cosmic, Shamanic Soul. As such, I pay more attention to what your Soul is telling me rather than your ego. I connect directly with the Soul of people and nature and I can perceive beyond the surface level of both. This was not difficult to accept in my younger years because my critical nature, my judgementalness had not kicked in yet. When it did, I had to re-evaluate my perceptions to realize that not everyone and everything was vibrating on the same frequency and that was not something to feel disappointed about, to judge as being less than. It just is.

I discovered that many people are disconnected from their soul and that it is a journey of discovery for each of us and everything in Creation. Most people can tell, can perceive what it is to be soulful but they still don't believe it's also them for whatever reason and I discovered that the reason doesn't matter as each of us will arrive at the level of soul connection.

Let me give you an example. Many people live on a level of fear that speaks of ego survival. They are not at peace realizing that their soul is life ever-lasting, a continuum that never ceases to exist. They live life with fearful expectations that things are going to go away and their reaction is to hold tighter to their illusion that their fear is real. From a soul level perspective, the feeling is that everything is OK and everything will be OK. There is nothing to fear as things come and go as the natural order of the Cosmos. I do not come from the reality of my threatened ego which is just a thought construct anyway.  I come from Soul which is the real "me." When a crises arises, I see it from the relaxed perspective of my Soul and not the panic mode of my ego. However, I am still in human form and experience my human nature.

I accept the imperfection of my ego, I do not judge it. I work on understanding it but make no mistake, there are times when I am weirded out by my own and other peoples' egotistic responses. When this happens, I look at this and laugh at these "demons," at this shadow side of myself and others knowing it's just a shadow, it's an illusion so I just keep playing in the sandbox, unaffected by the whimsy of egoic flutterings.

I am free.

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