Saturday, July 9, 2016

There's No Such Thing As Being Spiritual...You Already Are!

From my experience in being intimately connected with Spirit, there is no such thing as being Spiritual because you already are Spiritual. You are slowed down Spirit that is perceived as human form which is the energy of Spirit it has designed to interface with life, with nature.

The real issue when we say we are being Spiritual is our belief that we really are Spirit, that it's real. Humans get confused and think that being Spiritual is being moral. Spirit has nothing to do with morals, with human good or bad behavior. Morals are a human design based on persona/psyche/ego. People who behave badly are not less Spiritual and people who do good deeds are not more Spiritual.

What does being Spiritual really mean? It means believing and knowing you are Spirit and you are connected to Spirit and knowing the difference between when your ego talks and when your Spirit talks. Those who walk with their Spirit know that Spirit evinces itself through them by behaving with wisdom, love, healing, compassion, peace, tolerance, nonjudgement and acceptance. This is not a religious thing and these are not morals.

When you behave as a human as in having so-called bad thoughts, whatever they may be, doing bad and hurtful things that humans interpret as immoral, unkind, stupid, you are still Spiritual but you have lost a little bit of connection with your Spirit. It is you who have chosen to distance yourself from your own Spiritual nature in a moment of ego identification or fear. You are not less Spiritual when you are bad. You are simply disconnecting (or you could say, ignoring) from your essential Spiritual nature that is always there, good, bad or indifferent.

Don't confuse Spirituality with morality but again, allow your Spirituality to inform your morality in remembering that Spirit does not think like a human, it doesn't think at all. It just is and when you are connected to it, you won't have to be told how to behave properly. You know when you and another  are behaving unkindly, badly because your Spirit makes you feel a certain way and that feeling is uncomfortable.

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