Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Secret To Having It All

There is a great secret to having it all: weath, abundance, happiness, success, great health, Spiritual wholeness, peace, love, joy and longevity. What is this great secret and why doesn't everyone enjoy the benefits of it?

My perception as to why everyone is not enjoying this great secret is not because they are not aware of this secret. Everyone has heard it. It's because most people absolutely refuse to align, to be, to activate and behave according to what the secret gifts them with.

So, what is this mysterious secret? Here it is: "What you are you attract." The formula is be, do, have not have, do, be. You have to be the state of being before it is attracted to you.

How does one attract all the wonderful qualities of life when you are not born with them? Here's the rub: you are born with them but you are taught that you are not. You are made to believe that you are born worthless and as this false meme is inculcated into your consciousness by a misguided society, you live your life believing you cannot automatically have all the gifts life has to offer.

I present the secret to you here that allows you to live the life of great happiness you were born to live in the first place: "What you are you attract." You want happiness? Just be happy and more happiness will be attracted to you. You must feel the feeling of happiness first before more happiness is attracted to you and that's the hard part. It is very difficult to turn around a mind that has been trained to believe that you must achieve some outer thing in order to have it. This is just not so. You must achieve an inner feeling first before that thing you want is manifested in your life.

You want wealth, feel wealthy and change your subconscious mind with these wealthy feelings that will assist you in taking the actions to have wealth. To be wealthy, you have to start from within with a feeling of being wealthy. Your feelings will change your beliefs and you will find the people, circumstances and opportunities to become wealthy entering your daily life.

In your everyday life, see yourself as the qualities you wish to attract. Watch that your words, your thoughts, your feelings and your actions are all in sync and are adding to the feelings of that which you desire to attract in your life. Feel yourself as already rich, wealthy, happy, at peace, in great health every day, all day. Give these feelings to others along your path and you will surely attract them into your sphere of influence.

The game of life is an inner, not outer thing. All starts from within first.

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