Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The End Of My Wife's Physical Life Was Not The End Of Our Relationship

After my wife physically died, she was not gone. I discovered that she was still alive. This has been the greatest Spiritual awakening that I've had in my life. She is still here, albeit in a higher vibrating state that can only be perceived by those powers in us that we call telepathic or psychic or intuitive. Why is that? The reason that I found out that my wife was not really dead and that she was living in another frequency plain was because my psychic abilities were strong enough to perceive her as she reached out to me in many ways right after her death, continuing to this day.

Let me first say that to be honest, it took getting used to communicating with her from the other side as I was so used to her being a physical person. I had to re-orient my whole world to believing it was her and opening up even more to her communiques.

The initial ways she reached out to me was through synchronicities. Things happened out of the blue like certain clothes that were on the closet floor after she died while I was thinking about the clothes she would wear in the coffin. These items were not there until I needed them. I took it as a sign that this is what she wanted to wear. I would hear her voice clairaudiently, smell her favorite fragrance, here the words to our favorite songs blaring out of stores, see the words to songs we loved and sang together in my minds eye and ear usually at night before sleep, be moved to do something for her I had no apparent reason to like getting her pictures from her college theatre productions and the list goes on including seeing her image floating in our bedroom or getting distinct impressions of her personality coming through from the other side. The emotions were intense.

What I am telling you is death is not what we have been made to believe. While we leave the physical body like a snake sheds its skin, who we essentially are remains intact...our emotions, thoughts and soul force continues vibrating in another dimension just like this physical one and we in the physical dimension have the ability to contact the higher dimensions where our loved ones still live. We just have to allow ourselves. This is not scary stuff as shown in movies. It's the natural order of things and is a positive experience as my relation with my wife continues metaphysically.

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