Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Separation Is An Impulse That Is Not Based On Insight

Everything negative you see happening in the world now is a result, in my perception, of the misguided notion of separation, of the lack of insight that believes we are separate from each other, we are separate from our souls, our Spirit and from God. Most of the humans living on the planet still adhere to the outdated and outmoded notions of this reality put forth by Descartes and Newton that it is just and only a physical reality that we are simply pieces of meat in, nothing more. Descartes said, "Je ponce donc je suis," "I think therefore I am." The truth is, "I am therefore I think."

It is time for a true consciousness revolution and revelation to see what the actual reality is: humans, the Earth and everything here is a living beingness that has energy and some level of consciousness that is a piece of soul, Spirit, God. This makes us all connected, not separate. Separation is an ego identification survival mechanism that purposely keeps you thinking you are separate. You are not. Everyone is from the same Self and there is only one Self here right now.

Separation is a consciousness that is destroying humanity. The new consciousness that is pervading the planet is unity consciousness, the awareness that we are all one, that we are in this together.

When we see our neighbor as ourselves, we do not wish him harm or wish to change him in our own image because he already is in our own image. This is the level of soul thinking, this is connecting on the level of Spirit. Sure we all have different egos, persona's and psyches and that is the nature of being human. We are the same, however, on the level of Spirit. Life is a shared experience.

When you are in unity consciousness, the entire planet is your domain, not just your neighborhood, city or country, your religion, Spiritual beliefs, your ideas, beliefs. You see everyone and everything as you.

The time has come to see that everything around you is a reflection of you. If you are negative and in attack thought mode, this is the ultimate in separation consciousness as you don't believe what you are mad at, what you are attacking is YOU!!!

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