Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Remain Zen, then magic!

I have discovered that when you remain in a state of Zen, a state of loving detachment, magic will happen for you. What do I mean by this? I mean that when you are not a victim to your own and others thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions, all is possible for you and all will come to you because you are truly creating no cause that will stick to you and you are in a state of beingness of Spirit which is your essential nature that does not attract any negativity. This state has no attraction, it just is and you connect to this all there is and are fluid in all there is.

The 3D matrix reponds to this by sniffing around you but just leaves you alone. It may show you that it does not like that you have unplugged from it because it doesn't understand loving detachment. It wants to create confusion around you, it wants to create drama around you! A Zen state of being has no confusion or drama, or Maya, or glamor. It just is.

The magic that is attracted to you is the magic of calmness, the magic of purity where all things are possible. Nothing can touch you as far as the 3D matrix is concerned. This is very real as I experience it all the time. It is sometimes not easy to not be thrown off balance emotionally but it all really comes from how centered you are. The more that you can maintain your Zen centeredness, the more YOU are in control.

From this Zen place, you decide what you want to think and feel. This is truly the magic of being in oneness, the magic of stillness. While the calm pond can be rippled by the occasional pebble, the ripples hit the shore and are stopped. The pond becomes calm again and life is allowed to happen in all its true magic.

Remain Zen.

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