Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Dreamt About My Wife Last Night

One of the ways that my wife and I continue our relationship is through dreams. I dream of her often and the dreams are always truthful and remind me that we have what I like to call a sweet, divine love partnership that transcends all hardships to love.

During her physical incarnation, the love we had for each other allowed for both our shadow and light sides to emerge without recrimination. We took this roller coaster ride of relationship and were not afraid to see each other's weaknesses and strengths. I loved her for her weaknesses. I was comforted by the strength of her love. We delved deeply into each other's soul's and saw that at the deepest level, we cared about each other. In our difficulties, we found that there was never malfeasance, never a desire to harm, never a feeling of wanting to purposely hurt. We told each other the truth even tough at times we did not want to hear it. We were in sync.

In the dream, I told Maureen that I love her. This seems to be the strongest part of the dream. Seeing her face close to mine and my telling her, "I love you."

I wish all of you reading this a sweet, divine love partnership that transcends all hardship to love. It is truly a unique affair that cannot be contained by any negativity whether from yourself or others. It is able, with its love, to hold no grievances and when your partner leaves the physical realm, what you will hold is that their vows to you are fulfilled, that their presence in your life made it better even though you went through the learning of the ups and downs of human relationship.

I count myself fortunate, appreciative and grateful for the relationship I had/have with Maureen. The relationship continues with her and with the son we had together who is a reflection of her.

I wish this for you.

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