Friday, July 15, 2016

I Cannot Give The Terrorists Fear

I will not be fearful about what just happened in Nice, France on this past Bastille Day. Fear is exactly what the terrorists want to create because, with their negative Creator God, they feed off of fear as a "food" source. I know this sounds weird and strange regarding a negative Creator God but it is real nonetheless and we must now starve this Creator God out of our existence by not being fearful and giving it the "food," the energy it desires. This is not easy but we must do it.

I am sorry that these terrorists did and do so much damage but I perceive they are unwitting pawns of a dark Creator God whatever they call it that is purposely stirring up the hate of many, especially in the Middle East at this time where revenge is a common motif, where there is much emotion in the people there.

What I did yesterday when I learned of the tragedy in Nice, France, is I told that Creator God that I was not fearful and I refused to feed its energy of fear. Instead, I sent that Creator God love, I sent the murderer love, I sent all the murdered and wounded people and their families love. I sent love to Nice, France and the world at large.

I stand as a powerful ally in the world for peace and the refusal to become cowed by fear, anger, hate, terror or any other negative emotion that this Creator God can "feed" on. I mean this sincerely as I sent the highest vibrations of love, healing and wisdom to both Nice, France and wherever terrorists are at the mercy of a dark Creator God.

Please know that the end of these dark forces is at hand. We have defeated them and we must continue to be vigilant in remaining fearless, being courageous and loving. Now, that doesn't mean being stupid. We must deal with these terrorists and deal with them in the only language they know: hyper vigilance.

We must band together in a unity of strength and defeat and eradicate them in whatever way we can.

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