Friday, July 22, 2016

I Am A Victor, Therefore I Find Victors

Victims find victims because misery loves company. Those who have a victor mindset attract other victors to them. Which are you, victim or Victor? I find that we live in a world full of victims, although this is rapidly changing. Many believe that things happen TO them and they are not responsible for their actions. Their lives are the lives of the disempowered and this allows others who are morally inferior to control them.

I am and have always been a victor who has made his own path and is not at the behest of others. I see this as a more evolved path for humanity. I do not follow those with less ethics than myself. My ethical standards are high and I live in honesty and integrity every day. This is a victorious way of life because it lifts you out of the moral turpitude so rife in our society.

One great example is the use of words. I am seeing people saying just about anything and everything on Social media without the slightest care behind their words as if words have no meaning or intent. Words are very powerful and to use them without any mindfulness is the height of victimhood to me. Words can hurt and they can destroy. Words must be used with care and concern. When words are used to inspire and uplift, that's when they have their highest use and this is the way of the victor.

I do not see politicians using words to unnecessarily scare the populace as being victorious. I see it as a pandering to the victims who want to continue their poor-me existence, yet this is going on as I write.

Let us move away and out of this victim state we seem to be in. When we develop a victor's mentality, we re-configure our world to be a place where being responsible for our actions takes precedence over behavior that is mindless and that destroys. Let us lift up the world instead of taking it down.

I am a victor and I therefore find victors. Are you one of those?

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