Friday, July 8, 2016

Female And Male Aspects Of Self

When you are on a wisdom path and you recognize and take on the female or male aspects or energies of Self, this is not a gender issue at all. We must not see this as gender and all the socially prescribed aspects that society has ascribed to each gender role.Taking on the female aspects of Self are the taking on of qualities or energies inherent in the feminine aspect such as being, surrender, abstract, patient, tranquil, right brain, receiving, synthesizing, calm, soft, allowing, intuition, receptivity, creativity, compassion and nourishment. This can be something that both a man and a woman can develop more of in themselves and has nothing to do with their sexual aspects. So, for example, if you are a man and take on these female aspects, you won't necessarily be or become gay, if that's what worries you! It's not gender, it's aspects of the female consciousness, of the female energy that are available for all sexes to learn from and be that are part of the Self. It also does not mean that a man will be weak and feminized when he becomes more intuitive, receptive, creative, compassionate and nourishing or a woman more masculinized.

The same is true for male aspects of logic, analytical, doing, aggression, concrete, impatient, striving, rushing, assertive, left brain, thrusting, organization, logical, busy, hard, and controlling. When a woman takes on these energies, she does not become gay. She is simply taking on male energies that she can gain wisdom from.

This of course is a matter of balance in the yin and yang sense found in the Taoist Cosmology that believes that both yin AND yang are already contained in males and females. These energies, these aspects of the Self must be used with wisdom and prudence in order for their benefits to be applied.

The Self has all these energies and we humans are a creation of the dualistic Universe in which we live. We come in as male or female in body and evince all the qualities of Self until we are conditioned to behave according to the aspects of our physical gender that are taught to us by society. We have seen this change and seen ourselves embrace the more unified aspects of our Self bringing us a wholeness, a unified sense that we can use these yin and yang qualities with impunity.

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