Sunday, July 31, 2016

Don't Wait For The Good Vibes

If you have been living your life feeling annoyed or upset at what is happening in the world, I plead with you to create your own higher vibrations now and begin to live in loving detachment.  Do not wait for good vibes. Things in our world are going to get worse, much worse and it is up to you to hold the highest vibrations of love, compassion, kindness, tolerance, acceptance, wisdom, courage and discernment. Most of our world is descending into fear and terror. Don't follow this course.

It is time to let go of the ego-structured mind set of most of humanity. By letting it go, I mean not identifying with fear and loss, I mean controlling yourself and keeping yourself in the higher ego, the higher mind. Start now practicing serenity, tranquility, patience and courage. The Earth's vibration is rising to a higher level of love and is wiping away all lower vibrations and thus we are seeing the last bastions of lower vibrating, dark energies gasping for their final breath, trying to take down as much as possible before its final destruction.

It is very hard not to be affected by these dark energies. You must, must not allow them to diminish your light, your positive vibrations. Start now with loving yourself, accepting yourself, becoming your own best friend.

These are not words on a page. These are a most powerful pleading that I am putting forth to help you stay in the light. Don't fall for all the terror, killing, divisiveness, hate, intolerance, stupidity and ignorance that is manifesting so strongly on our planet now. When you see these shadows, love them and release them, let them go for they are not your own.

I cannot stress how very important what I am telling you here is. It is vital for you, all of us to raise our vibrational levels to the highest levels of love, happiness, compassion, kindness, fearlessness and wisdom we can. Do not wait for good vibes, create them yourself, be them yourself now no matter what.

The clarion call has gone out. Take up your arms and that does not mean guns. It means to arm yourself with the shield of love and the sword of peace. This is real. Wake up!!!!

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