Monday, July 18, 2016

As An Empath, I Felt The Tone Of Society

As an ultra-sensitive Empath born in 1950 and growing up in the 1950's of the lower south side of Manhattan between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and the 1960's of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, I could actually feel the tone of those times. What I mean is that my extra-sensory perception could pick up on the prevailing state of mass consciousness and I remember those feelings still.

What I picked up during those formative years was a sense and feeling of safety where as a five year old child, I was not afraid to cross the street alone in lower Manhattan or to do many other activities in an area that was bustling with activity, living across the street from the Fulton street docks of the East River or the busy Journal American building that printed and delivered the now defunct Journal American newspaper. There was a sense that everyone was your family and everyone was watching out for you. I felt like I had a safety net in the community that surrounded me where the people cared about me, were decent and peaceful. When I arrived in Brooklyn, it got even better. I always felt safe, no matter how far I traveled from my neighborhood and I traveled many miles around Brooklyn in my childhood years from walking to Coney Island to riding my bike to Williamsburg from Bensonhurst. I started taking the subway (10 cents at the time) from Brooklyn into Manhattan, alone, when I was twelve years old...unheard of today!!!

For the first twenty plus years of my life, growing up in New York, I felt so much caring, love, safety, peace and happiness, not that I didn't later on in life, I did.

I also realized that the tone I mentioned above was also in ME. I was feeling these things as well and that was what I was putting out there with the Universe rewarding me by giving me more of those feelings to enjoy. Wherever I went, there was peace and safety because I was peace and safety.

As an Empath, I still carry those feelings inside me to this day and it is still how I see the world even though the world is not like the one I grew up in. I have had to hold those feelings at all cost because I came here to this planet to set this tone...a higher tone of love, caring, peace and safety. This I know. I am doing this but I can't say that there have been times when the toxic mass consciousness did not unbalance me. It has. My answer to all the imbalance, all the angst in the world today is to remain aware that I set the tone for the world. I create peace by being peace. So do you...everyone of you.

The answer for the ills of our world today is to be peace now, be love now, be caring now, be safety now. Idealistic, you say? You better bet your bippy it is!!!!!!

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