Sunday, July 10, 2016

Are You In Pain?

Pain. The pain I want to address today is mental, emotional and Spiritual pain, the ache of grief, the hurt of rejection, the unhappiness of low self-worth. Is there not a lot of pain on our planet today? Do we all desire to relieve these pains in our lives? The only answer is yes! Of course, we now come to the issue of how do we, as a human race, relieve our existential pain, our angst? What I have discovered is that the only way out of the pain of any kind of loss is through it.

You cannot sweep your pain under a rug, deny it, repress it, suppress it, medicate it, ignore it, try to forget it or fight with it. You must go through it. You must deal with it. You must love it and by loving it, you accept that you are the cause of your pain. Once you realize you are the cause of your pain, you can experience it and then release it. You are not in prison with your pain. Remember that your pain is not happening to you, it is happening through you.

Pain is an energy statement that is a message from your mind, emotions and Spirit signaling that you are out of balance and that you must deal with this to regain your balance. What an incredible way Spirit has of helping you to regain your health and happiness. See your pain as a message, not as a burden that must be gotten rid of. Listen to the message in your pain because it has the answer to its relief right inside the pain.

Please understand that this is a process and is not easy because we are conditioned to reject pain. Pain hurts but putting a bandaid on your pain is only a short term fix because it will come back. Your pain needs an answer and that answer is going through it to learn from it. For example, if you are going through grief, you cannot dismiss it or do things to hide from it. You must go through grief, you must grieve, mourn and experience it. This process of learning from pain is called the wisdom path. It is accepting your humanity. You don't need an anti-depressant, you need an anti-repressant.

Hard as it is to go through our human pain, we must do it. We signed up for it so take heart, have courage and don't see your pain as a suffering. See it as a lesson and learn from it never to be repeated again unless you are engaging in masochism which, to me, smacks of a form of dementia.

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