Sunday, June 5, 2016

You Have The Same Problems Over And Over Again?

Why do you keep attracting the same issues in life? Yes, the emphasis is on "attracting" the same problems in life! Why do we all find ourselves repeating difficulties in life and not really wanting to or meaning to?

I was given three reasons why people keep attracting the same issues in their lives and I would like to share them with you:

1. We keep talking or complaining about the problem.

2. We obsessively keep thinking about the problem.

3. We keep acting out of fear.

As you can see above, it is about our thinking and our behavior which really is a falling into habitual patterns that attract to us exactly what we are putting out there. The Universe is giving you the exact vibrational patterns you asked for in your habitual thoughts and behaviors. You asked for it, you got it. The problem is not being able to break out of the vicious negative cycle and not believing that the reality you create is one in which you play an essential and primary role. There is no evil force outside you that can act upon you without your willingness, without your agreement. That's how strong you really are. Simply do not let anything control you!!!

So, how do we change this and stop attracting the same negative life to ourselves? The very first thing we must do is find the willingness, the desire within ourselves to make a change in our thinking and behavior. Sounds like common sense, right? Many don't want to gather this power within themselves because they don't believe in themselves. They don't believe they are attracting it themselves. They feel disempowered. They want a savior to bring them out of it. They feel stuck.
As hard as it may feel to change, change must come from within yourself.

1. Start using positive affirmations around your issue and stop the complaining. Use meditation to calm your mind from the worries of these bad issues. This will turn your mind around and remember to be patient with yourself as it takes about a month of hard work to turn yourself around. You are reversing a habit that you may have allowed for a long time so be aware that it is going to take a great effort to change.

2. Think about being in a new place where your problems don't exist, keep going to that place and keep feeling the renewed energy of feeling that the issue is no longer in your life.

3. Stop acting out of fear and look the problem in the eye. Confront the issue and start acting with courage. Take the bull by the horns and resolve to overcome these negative issues that haunt your life. You are going to have to make an agreement with yourself to move out of this fear. Once you have conquered the fear, the Universe will begin to bring you positive results.

When you make these kind of changes in your life, you will finally realize that the Universe DOES work with you and DOES provide you with those positive results you once thought were impossible. Once you overcome, you will never go back and I mean never!!!!

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