Sunday, June 19, 2016

Water Takes Many Forms

Water takes many forms. It can be a droplet, rain, snow, dew, an ocean, a stream, a pond, a lake, a river and more. Humans are also like this. We can be white, black, a man, woman or child, a Jew, gay, Latino, Arab, Christian, American, Chinese and the list goes on. Water, though, in its myriad forms does not judge itself, does not hate another part of itself because it is different. Humans do judge others and hate others who are not exactly like them.

Why is it that we are not like water?

Humans are not like water because we are not yet truly ourselves and accepting of ourselves. Water does not judge itself. It accepts itself, in its many guises, just as it is. Rain and snow fall, they don't argue about which one is better, has the so-called truer religion or God, how it behaves sexually, what color it is!!! Rain, snow, water just is and it accepts its is-ness. Humans do not. Humans are caught up in a disease of the ego called superiority complex that judges others for who and what they are. Our planet, humans suffer from the greatest tragedy of the belief system of conformity. We must all be the same. If you are not the same as me, you are bad, evil, no good! This is a cancer, a disease of the lower ego that is eating itself and can be witnessed anywhere on the planet where humans are killing each other for different religious, sexual, ethnic, cultural and racial beliefs. Yet, all humans are humans, the same.

We are like water. All the same thing but we come in different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. How can we judge these differences? How can we say that because I am rain and you are snow, I must kill you? Do you see the insanity of this?

Stop your insanity, humanity!!!!!!! Become like water and accept that you have many guises, many facets and that these differences are OK. Let your brother be as who he is if he is not harming you.

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