Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Nervous System-Conveyer Of Information

When you find yourself electrified or energized, you are in an altered state where your human being is communicating with you about your experience. This is not the time to dull, damp down, deny, repress or ignore your nervous system's messages but to listen to how you feel. It is information for your growth.

Please understand that I am talking about the wide range of states we find ourselves in during our multifaceted experiences with some falling outside of the so-called normal range. Whatever your range of feeling electrified or energized, it is a time to listen, if you can, if it is not too overwhelming for you because your nervous system has put you in an altered state for a reason. It is bringing to your attention something you must confront, pay attention to, embrace, understand so that you can grow your soul's awareness.

While we all have faced trauma in our lives, the altered states that trauma puts us in are often too difficult to deal with and we fall back on natural defense mechanisms to help us cope with these very hard experiences. The problem with traumas large and small is that unless we eventually deal with them, they stay with us, affecting our lives, many times in unwanted, unconscious ways, such as addictions, acting out, fears, hurting others, etc.

When you feel ready, it is best to confront the feeling the trauma has left over in you, that electrified or energized altered state of your nervous system that is providing you with valuable information and find healthy ways of releasing, letting go of, understanding and gaining wisdom from these harsh experiences of life so that you are not held back from having a happy life. I must admit that this takes courage but it is vital. Sometimes, it takes a counselor to work with us and that's OK.

There may be experiences that traumatized us that we don't allow into our consciousness, that we often are not even conscious of. I feel we must look at these and release them. Becoming conscious of our life's traumas is also a way of coping and learning and becoming stronger. It is also a means of leting go so that we can be whole again. You may be surprised what is still a part of you as you take inventory of your traumas. When you are ready to do this, it will be rewarding and informative.

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