Sunday, June 26, 2016

Reflect On Your Truth

I worked with the great intuitive, Sonia Choquette and her "Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose" Oracle Cards that she believes are "the most direct path to Spiritual peace and personal fulfillment." After working with them for several years, I believe she is on to something because, for me, working with her card deck every morning for two years helped me to better connect with my soul, to better understand what my soul is, how it works and what it is saying to me.

This card of hers that I share with you today is particularly seminal in what our soul is trying to help us grasp in these shifting times and it is vital, imperative that we listen:

"Things you fear the most are gone. The other shoe has dropped and you're still out of alignment with your most authentic self doesn't work. Proclaim what you stand for, so don't waffle and dance around your truth. What do you believe in and serve on a daily basis? What dominates your thoughts, emotions and imagination? What's your mission and why? Begin serving the principles of truth, integrity, courage and above all, Love. Move into more meaningful and selfless endeavors."

Connecting with your own soul is, to me, the singularly most important aspect of every human's life as your soul is what drives the bus, is the Spirit that is in charge of your persona/psyche/ego. Being disconnected from your soul and unconscious is like being a rudderless ship, buffeted by the winds of circumstance carrying you to places you do not want to go, ending up with a life not of your choosing.

May I encourage you to reflect on this truth, your truth. Peace will not come to you until you do so. Your soul incarnated to take action, inspired action, unified action and divine action to give you a shortcut to where you want to go.

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