Thursday, June 30, 2016

Money? Only One Area Of Prosperity.

We have set up our society where having money is vital to thriving, to prosperity and when Spiritual seekers say money is not important, it is disingenuous of them to say this. Having said that, we must realize that money is only ONE area of prosperity.  There are others and I list them here for you to rate these different areas of prosperity in your life and determine what is important to you:

1. Time

2. Energy

3. Health

4. Money

5. Love

6. Relationships

7. Community

What I have discovered about these areas of my life is that they are ALL important to me but I am in a constant state of balancing these areas in my life. I do pay attention to each one because each one is a source of pleasure for me and I have found is a tool for a return to earth. These areas also help me to realize that all is possible and that I have unlimited creative power and as I manage these areas of my life, I am managing the law of attraction that brings more joy and prosperity into my life.

When you focus on these areas and what's really important to you, you are not judging any of these areas in your life. There is no hierarchy to these areas. You simply are reminding yourself that when you do things you enjoy, it increases your health, wealth and happiness.

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