Friday, June 10, 2016

Let The Universe Drive

"Let go of the steering wheel and let the Universe drive." What is meant by this metaphor and what is its relevance to all humans?

What is meant by this metaphor is that you are in an intimate relationship with the Universe and the Universe is aware of your every thought, intention and desire because YOU are the Universe. You are integrally at one with the Universe so, the relevance of this metaphor, in terms of steering the wheel of life, is to help us to let go, to stop trying so hard AFTER we have given the Universe our intent. Let go of the steering wheel and allow the Universe to steer. We must trust that our intent will manifest and there is nothing we have to do until the Universe directs us. The operative word is trust.
That's the feeling to have, a trusting feeling that it's all going to work out.

I have found this to be true in my life as I simply put out my implicit intent and then allowed the Universe to do its work. The Universe will talk to me but I must listen, I must take its direction for action. I must develop the awareness to know how and when the Universe speaks to me.

One powerful example is how I met my soul mate, wife and life partner, Maureen. Here I was, living alone, in the winter of 1976 on the upper west side of Manhattan. Several weeks before, she walked into my life at an audition for a showcase of the musical, "Dames at Sea" in the basement of a church on fifth avenue. She jauntily sashayed up to me and introduced herself to me and I was very taken by her but due to my shyness, I basically withdrew but we both kept looking at each other all during the auditions. We both left without saying a word to each other. I couldn't forget her. Then the Universe interceded and gave us another opportunity. On a cold, gray wintry day, two weeks later, I had a desire to go to the grocery store for a few staples. There was a store right down the block but I chose to walk the five long additional blocks to Broadway in the freezing cold for what reason I don't know. I get what I need and am at the check out stand and who walks up to me? Maureen. Of course, this time, I paid attention. I asked her out, she accepted and we became my life partners for 36 years.

To me, that experience showed me that the Universe was listening to both of us and helped us come together without really doing very much. We took the hunch the Universe gave us and took an action that lead to our meeting. We both let go of the steering wheel and let the Universe speak to us about when the timing was right. We both were moved to action by a force greater than ourselves yet a part of ourselves at the same time. The Universe assisted us and we didn't know it at the time but we were trusting the Universe in that we were not concerned about meeting anyone. It happened just the way we had planned. You could call it destiny.

Let go of the steering wheel and let the Universe work its magic WITH you. No need for hard work or manipulation. Give your intent for a thing and let the Universe work with you. That's all there is to it. Stop trying so hard. Have the courage to trust.

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