Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Am Of The Family of Light In The Cosmos

I am sure you're hearing more and more about humans who are here on Earth who are members of the Family of Light or are on the Council of Light. What is this all about? It is about Light beings from realms all over the Cosmos, not only other planets but realms where their Light carries much information that is brought to bear on Earth to assist in moving the consciousness up to the fifth dimension and beyond. The Family of Light is the Family of Information. Information that is encoded in the Light Quotient of these beings and is a level of consciousness that is used by Prime Creator to show the humans on Earth what is possible beyond their lower, 3D matrix.

A mouthful, to be sure but the reality of what's here on Earth now with humanity and with beings like myself helping humanity to move out of its slumber. The slumber that has you refusing to recognize that you too are a Light being.

It is an awesome task to carry Light for you carry great responsibility in having so much information in your Light field, such a high consciousness. You have to have a very high level of integrity, Love, compassion, courage, wisdom and strength.  Many humans have this and many more will. It is the dawn of a new time on Earth when there will only be a high Light quotient, a high consciousness in the collective in this now which is congealing. The time to be with the Family of Light is now.

This is the reason I have revealed my identity. I am an ultra-sensitive Blue Ray empathic Cosmic soul and I am here from a Light Realm as a member of the Family of Light to assist the Earth, Gaia and humanity to make the shift that we are already in to a higher level of consciousness. I simply shine my Light by my presence here on Earth. I do not need fame, I do not need notoriety in your earthly way. I am already known in the Cosmos way beyond anything you could comprehend. For me, I am helping from behind the scenes in this earthly human life and I have done it for millennia.

All humans are beings of Light. It is time now to turn on your Light switch and spread your Light. That's why you're reading this, that's why you're here.

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