Thursday, June 9, 2016

How You Can Watch Your Soul Grow

Every human soul incarnates into human form for one purpose: to expand the soul's awareness. How is the development of the soul accomplished? How can we see this in action in ourselves?

From my experience and connection with my soul, I discovered that the way I expand my soul's awareness is through my opening up, more and more, to the different levels of circuits, dimensions, chakras of consciousness that are endowed within and around me. I have allowed each circuit of my consciousness to go through three stages of growth:

1. A receptive or opening time in my soul's development where my perception expands.

2. A phase of growing maturity and integration or what I call soul understanding.

3. The phase of creation or what is termed action.

As I live in human form, I connect to my soul, paying attention to its development and noticing the phase I am in. I now purposefully help the growth of my soul along by embracing all three passes of my soul's growth in a conscious manner.

So, for example, I now perceive the difference between my lower, higher egos and my soul talking. I can feel my soul as it talks through feeling and intuition. I have matured in understanding my soul's purpose in being here. My presence here is part of assisting in the great consciousness shift but I am also maturing in my level of ego understanding where I have come to know that life isn't just all about me. I seek to understand YOU! In the last phase, I have taken action by continuing to be open to learning, to contributing to the greater dialogue of increasing my and other's awareness. I strive to live in peace, with compassion, truth, kindness, healing and happiness.

These phases are on-going. You can always expand your soul to a greater degree.

Look at your soul growth, embrace it, love it, share it, be it since it's the most important thing you can do!

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