Tuesday, June 21, 2016

God Hates Fags?

The Baptists claim that God hates fags. The Muslims kill gays in the Middle East and the list goes on. I have looked into this. I asked God if this is so. Here is what God told me:

"First understand, that I, God, am not human yet you ascribe human values to me. Do not mistake-I do not think like a human. Second, I don't have emotion like humans and I don't exist in a duality like you so I don't have emotions like hate. I am a unity consciousness of Love. Third is that I created everything and everyone out of Love. Nothing in my Creation is hateful to me. Fourth is that fag is a human word, created by humans to judge, denigrate and harm other humans. I do not see any human as different. All humans are the same to me, are loved by me as physical expressions that carry my spark of Creation within them. Fifth is that I don't care if you have sex with a man or woman. My work involves the entire Cosmos with millions of planets, stars, galaxies and universes. Do you think that I am concerned with such a minor thing as your sexual relations? I am not. Sixth is that it is YOU who hates fags, not me. It is YOU who are judgemental of your neighbor. You have turned religion into a reason to exclude your fellow human from your community. This is YOUR sickness, not mine. I would encourage you to get rid of the bible and look instead at your hearts. Stop pointing your finger in an old book that's lost its meaning. Stop your self-righteousness. Grow up human being."

This is what God told me. If you would like, send this to the Baptists and Muslims. They need to hear this. There is no fag or gay, no black or white, no rich or poor, no good or bad, just humans living out their expressions as God in form and learning about life.

If you are hateful, that is about you. You are hateful. Look within and ask why you are hateful not why someone is different than.

Secret: even in your hate, God loves you. Concentrate on that. Maybe it'll help you not to hate so much.

God loves fags!!!!!

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